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okladka 43-44 mg    NOTE ABOUT THE JOURNAL
   "Logopedia" is the organ of the Polish Logopedic Society, continuously published as an annual issue since 1960, which presents articles on the culture of language and biological determinants of speech development and disorders. Owing to the range of logopedic research, the journal has become interdisciplinary in scope. In descriptions of the norm of language and language disorders, the psychological, medical, linguistic and pedagogical perspective is discernible. The results of the presented studies are applied in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of persons with various difficulties in linguistic communication.

   "Logopedia" publishes the articles of authors representing different scientific disciplines, who develop the state of knowledge about language, speech and speaking from the perspective of diverse theoretical conceptions, using appropriate methodologies and the latest research tools.

    Each volume is characterized by a cohesive thematic structure and established formal arrangement subordinated to the subject of logopedic research. Particular volumes present scholarly articles both theoretical (conceptual and survey papers) and practical (results of empirical studies and procedures for diagnostic/therapeutic management in particular speech disorders as well as case studies). Moreover, the journal publishes reviews and reports on the latest monographs in the field of logopedics and related sciences.

Logop 47-2