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Scientific integrity of articles

Scientific integrity of articles
To ensure the scientific integrity of the published articles, Logopedia's Editorial Board selects the submitted papers according to the principles of ghostwriting and guest authorship barrier.

The Authors publishing in Logopedia are obliged to make a clear, transparent and honest statement that they are direct authors of the submitted texts. If, however, the article has been written in collaboration with other persons, the Authors undertake to disclose them as authors/co-authors of the text or undertake to name them in the acknowledgements placed in the article, giving their affiliation and range of contribution.

Where the article is the result of collaboration under a research project, the Author is obliged to give information on the sources of funding the project and the contribution of research institutions, associations and other entities (financial disclosure).

The Author of the article to be published in Logopedia is obliged to sign a copyright transfer agreement which contains the principles of ghostwriting and guest authorship. The agreement is sent to the Author after all the texts submitted to the Editor have been selected and after positive reviews by two external reviewers have been received. The copyright transfer agreement is the legal basis for publication of the article in Logopedia.

All infringements of the foregoing principles of scientific integrity and ethics will be exposed and documented by the Editors (including informing relevant scientific institutions and associations).

Logop 47-2